It's the Revival of the Flamenco Practice Session As we all know, flamenco is not a solitary art form; it is important to practice collectively and become accustomed to working with others.  These sessions are something in-between a class and a juerga.

This is a chance for students to practice choreographies learned in class with live accompaniment. It's one-on-one time between you and the musicians with guidance, a time to take what you've been learning in class a step further. Dancers will take turns running pieces of their choosing (pieces learned in class with Laura or in a workshop with a guest artist.) When not dancing you will practice accompanying fellow dancers with palmas and jaleos.  And, if you're not ready for one-on-one, you can get up with other students...

Where? At Stomptown Collective - 226 SE Madison where our classes are held

When? TBA

Please let me know if you'd like to participate.

How Much Will it Cost? $5  (friends and family are welcome to come and watch for free)

Why Would I Want to Do This? - To sink the dances in - To take what you're learning in class a step further - To have one-on-one time with the musicians - To receive personal feedback & guidance - To have a safe place to experiment & mess up! - To learn what to do/how to go on when you do in fact mess up (because it happens, somos humanos) - To become more comfortable getting up in front of people - To dance in front of people who are supportive and educated about flamenco & interested in growing and sharing - To better understand the compás - To have a clearer picture of where you're at with a give dance/step/palo - To understand how to support fellow dancers with palmas - To become more comfortable giving jaleos - To observe the interplay between the dancer and musicians - To push yourself - To have something to work toward - To recognize your progress - To become better-prepared to get up at a juerga - To become begin preparing for a Student SHOW (if you so desire to participate) - Para pasarlo bien!

With regular participation , you are bound to see improvement in your compás, comfort level, conocimiento of the different dances, and improvisational skills!