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Flamenco dance class offerings for students of all levels in Southeast Portland and Lake Oswego. Please click on individual links below for details.


TUESDAYS (368 S State St. Lake Oswego):

WEDNESDAYS (at 5516 SE Foster Rd. Portland)

SATURDAYS (at 5516 SE Foster Rd. Portland): 


WEEKEND WORKSHOPS (at 5516 SE Foster Rd. Portland): 

We believe that learning is an interactive process that should be fun & that anyone who is moved by flamenco has the capability to access it.

Our Portland classes emphasize technique, improvisation, and the relationship between the cante (singing), baile (dancing), and compás (rhythm) in a positive community based learning environment. Focusing on these skills and paying respect to where flamenco comes from are essential in allowing students to grow into strong flamenco dancers.

Come unlock the mysteries of flamenco dance and music with us. !Olé!
flamenco in Portland

"I absolutely loved my experience with Portland Flamenco Events!  Laura has the special gift to elevate her students' Flamenco knowledge in an easily digestible way - probably because she fully embodies Flamenco and understands it backwards and forwards!  I was visiting from North Carolina for a month...from my 5 years of studying Flamenco (off and on), I have learned more in this one month and feel better prepared to actually DANCE than I have in all the other years. I truly appreciate all of the teachers (Julie, Stefani – sorry if I missed anyone else!) and the dedication and camaraderie of the students involved with Portland Flamenco Events. It was really hard to leave my new Flamenco family behind, but I hope to keep in touch via Skype sessions and come back next year for more!!"  - Teresa Ferlotti/student

"Six months ago I started taking one beginners class a week with Laura, and I enjoyed her class so much that I now take three weekly classes, plus private lessons with her. She has supported and encouraged my new-found obsession with gentle nudges, and shares her knowledge and skill freely. Laura has a knack for communicating technique that is easy to understand, and her warmth and humor creates a non-intimidating atmosphere that makes the challenge of learning flamenco quite fun. Laura es una maestra phenomenal!" - Heather/student

flamenco dance in Portland

"For the decade I've been dancing flamenco, Laura Onizuka is the best teacher I have had. She cares for every one of her students and respects our own needs and goals. Student improvement and satisfaction in her class is her own joy. Her classes are very well considered and structured for us not only to achieve the next stage in this profound art of flamenco but also to enjoy the fascinating world of flamenco with what we know and can do now. With “every time, a tiny bit better than last time” approach, I found myself doing some movements easily which I had difficulties before. It was very nice to know that my body can do a lot more than I think I can. I believe that all of her students agree she has great teaching skills. No wonder that she is a school teacher before becoming flamenco performer and teacher. Her class is hard (very good exercise! I love this part too as I can burn calories in fun way.) and very enjoyable. I always look forward to going to her class, and do not even remember when I missed her class last time. It’s just too much fun to miss!" Ritsuko/student

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