Intro to Sevillanas (Eastisde Location)  Summer Workshop: July 27 & 28*

Consider this Beginning Workshop your sevillanas crash course. Practice your form and learn the a couple of coplas of sevillanas.

LOCATION: 5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland

“I love taking sevillanas class over and over again because it allows you to refine your form." - Stefani Miller

When & Cost*

Saturday, July 27 | 12:30-2:30
Sunday, July 28 | 12:30-2:30


($99 for both Beginning Sevillanas & Sevillanas w/Castanets)

5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland

How do I sign up?
Register here.

"I had never taken any type of flamenco instruction, but Sevillanas has been a wonderful place to start.  I have learned so much about the underlying structure and rhythm of Sevillanas ... so helpful when learning the rockin' choreography!  Laura puts us at ease in class because she makes sure everyone feels confident with the copla before moving on.  She gives us ample time to practice in the mirror and in partners.  Laura encourages us to have fun and be sassy with this beautiful dance, motivating newbies like me to stick with it.  I am so grateful this class is offered here in Portland -- Sign up for Sevillanas now!" - Angela B.

Learning sevillanas helps to build a strong flamenco foundation and prepare students for the regular flamenco courses. Many of the sevillanas steps are commonly used as marking steps in flamenco dances such as bulerías and even tangos. And, without a doubt, the study of arms and upper body through sevillanas can be transferred to flamenco dancing. In addition, many people enjoy learning sevillanas as there is a clear formula for the dance, no guessing about what to do when. (Of course, there is always room for creativity later on!) It is also fun learning to dance with a partner, and this helps the dancer become comfortable changing directions and turning. (No partner necessary for class.)

  • Sevillanas are fun. ¡Diviértete!

  • They help you learn and develop your upper and overall body technique.

  • They support your understanding of the compás and cante in all flamenco.

  • They are good exercise without realizing it's exercise (cardiovascular, arm toning, major arm toning, core work.)

  • All of the repetitive movement is good for the brain.

"I love Sevillanas because, first of all, I can imagine being in Spain and there being a crowd of people all dancing them together...totally cool! Secondly, because they're very structured and fairly repetitive, just putting some same steps together different ways and different places, so i can feel like i am doing flamenco even though i am too stupid and clutzy to do REAL flamenco. A third reason is because i am sure all those arm circles keep at least some of the "old lady" flab off my arms, lol!" - Celeste

*Purchase of this workshop in non-refundable and non-transferable.  *Workshop may not be taken by drop-in or class card without instructor permission.

You can view the full summer schedule here.