How to Build Your Own Dance - Weekend Workshop: August 6 & 7

I’ll teach you how to take the steps you know and love and turn them into your own choreography. (Don't worry, you'll learn new steps too!)

When & Cost*

Saturday, August 6 [2:30 - 4:30]
Sunday, August 7  [12:30 - 2:30]

$65 (includes 4 hours of class & an ebook)

Intermediate to Advanced

226 SE Madison Street, Portland, OR 97214

How do I sign up?
Contact us to register.

Gain the tools you need to create your own dance

You've been studying flamenco for awhile. And now you're ready to take it to the next level. You're ready to learn a solo dance. You've probably learned all kinds of steps for all kinds of dances, and you wonder, what do I do with all of these steps? Just because the class or workshop is over, it doesn't mean the dance has to be over. Perhaps you liked some of the steps you learned in a given dance but not the full choreography. Perhaps you never learned the whole choreography. Or perhaps you just want to start from scratch and develop a full solo flamenco dance to perform (or just have the satisfaction of knowing it so well that you could do in your sleep.) If you're ready to learn how to dance a full flamenco piece on your own, this is the workshop for you. You'll need more than four hours of class and an ebook to have your solo dance ready, (mainly a lot of practice on your own after the workshop is over) but this workshop will give you the tools to make your solo piece happen!

What will I learn?

  • The structure of a full flamenco choreography (The components & their order)
  • Dance steps for each component of a full choreography
  • Where these steps fit in to a choreography
  • How to take any of these steps and use them in another dance
  • How to substitute the steps we learn in class for others that you already know and love

Do I need to bring my own steps to class?
No, I will teach you steps. But bringing some of your own (at least having some favorite steps you've previously learned) is recommended but not required. I will address this in class. As long as you're there, you'll be fine!

Informal show Aug. 5 & Washington Park Festival Aug. 6

*Purchase of this workshop in non-refundable and non-transferable.  *Workshop may not be taken by drop-in or class card without instructor permission.