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A Visit to the Bathhouse

A massage and soak at the Hammam Andalusi is included in the price of the Flamenco Tour. 

Even if you don't go with me to Spain, I highly recommend, well, I kind of insist, that you visit a Hammam Andalusí should you travel to Andalucía.

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A Hammam?

An Arabic bath.  A bathhouse.  A very relaxing bathhouse.

The Hammam Andalusí in Jerez is equipped with three pools of water of differing temperatures, a sitting area, a massage area, and a dressing room with showers and bathrooms.

What do you do there?

You soak in the different pools of water, get a massage, relax, and rejuvenate.

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It is suggested that you prepare the body first in the temperate pool.  After that, you can go to the hot water pool.  And finally to the cold water pool.  This one is intense to say the least, but I love it.


So, you soak and alternate between the different pools as you desire.

Alternating between hot and cold water baths can increase energy, circulation, and aid in detoxification. You can read more about some benefits of hot and cold water therapy here.

And let me just say that after dancing flamenco and being away from home, well, this feelsoh-so-good.

What do you wear?

Swimsuits are required at the Hammam in Jerez.  Before entering the baths you take a shower and suit up.

Is there talking inside the bath house?

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It is a quiet area.  Speaking in a low voice is fine when needed.  I enjoy soaking in the calmness, listening to the sounds of trickling water, and watching the water reflect on the walls and ceiling.

And the massage?

Included in our visit to the baths is a 30-minute massage.  Ahhhhh.

Need I say more?

When did you start including this in the trip?

After the first trip.

All of the participants took themselves there, some more than once.  And they RAVED about the experience.  At the end of the trip they gave me (and Mercedes too) a gift certificate for a soak and a massage, and I found out for myself how wonderful this place was.  It was then that I decided a soak and massage needed to be included in the Flamenco Tour.

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