There are several things I love about the apartments we stay in during the Flamenco Tour to Jerez . . . (You can find out about upcoming Flamenco Tours here, and learn more about what happens by signing up to get your free copy of a Day in the Life of a Student on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez below.)

Lola Flores

Practicing palmas with Maribel

Palmas on the rooftop

Flowers on the patio

Practicing on the rooftop


They're located in the heart of the Barrio San Miguel, an important flamenco neighborhood historically and today.

Actually, important doesn't accurately describe what I want to say but that's the best I've got at the moment.


Our classes are steps away from our apartments, so that is quite nice, especially for a person like me who has being on time issues.


They are family run!  Luis, Maribel and their friends and family are welcoming.  They look forward to the Flamenco Tour guests, treating us like we're special members of the family.


We are living in an historic building!

The grounds are an old casa de vecinos,  a communal living facility, that Luis and Maribel and family have converted into apartments.  It's pretty amazing to live in this history!


Each apartment is equipped with everything we could possibly need including washing machines, full kitchens, nice bathrooms, linens, TV sets.

Each apartment is different and charming in its own way, and well taken care of and clean.


TLC.  As I mentioned, it's a family run place. (And we become part of the family.)

Whatever we need, Maribel will get for us.  Once she even loaned me a hand-blender.  She found a hair dryer for a trip participant in need. She makes soup for you if you get sick... Luis and Maribel go out of their way to find us what we need, to point us in the right direction, and to look out for us.


There are three common spaces for us to enjoy.  A couple patio areas (one covered and one in the open) and the sunroof.  We happily convene in these areas to chat over drinks and tapas, do palmas, and even to practice on the roof!