What is it like to study flamenco in Spain?

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I still remember that first evening

Sitting together in the courtyard, eating tapas, sharing stories.

It was the fall of 2012, and we were in Jerez. A group of foreigners together in Spain to learn and grow and have a good time. We danced and laughed, did flamenco, saw flamenco, heard flamenco, breathed flamenco. We walked about the town eating yummy food, drinking sherry and café con leche...

But, wait, let's back up for a moment.

You see, I'd gone to Spain to study several times. On my own. With family. With friends. At festivals. Each had its benefits, but none really fulfilled my flamenco learning desires. It wasn't until I was alone in Spain studying several years ago that I realized what I truly wanted from my flamenco study trips.

It was the spring of 2011, and I was in Jerez.

I loved being in a place where relaxation was built into the day. I loved the sunshine. I loved meeting new people. I loved walking down the street and hearing flamenco. And I especially loved my classes with Mercedes.

But it was also very hard.

Almost daily I wished to be taking a workshop rather than struggling through the established classes that I had walked in on mid-year. I wished to be with others like me who were only there temporarily. But not in the HUGE classes offered during the festivals. I wanted to be in a small group, with people who could relate to my experiences. 

One day I realized that if I wanted this, others must too.

It was time to organize a trip, my ideal flamenco trip, and the Flamenco Tour was born!

The first Flamenco Tour happened in 2012 when I took a group of students to Jerez. I was so anxious about the whole thing. I didn't know everybody who was signed up, nor did they all know me. What if they didn't like what I had planned? The truth is, until everyone actually got there I'm not sure I believed the trip was truly going to happen. But, everyone arrived, the trip was a success, and the rest is history ...

I've been taking people to Spain to study flamenco in small groups ever since, and I absolutely love doing this. If this sounds like your thing, sign up here to find out more.