Workshop 1 of the Understanding Tangos Series:

The Ins & Outs of Tangos  (Eastisde Location)  Summer Workshop: August 10 & 11

LOCATION: 5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland

  • Learn the basics of tangos por fiesta

  • Put them into practice

  • And get an ebook, so you don't have to leave it all in the studio

  • This is a BEGINNING LEVEL workshop

When & Cost*

Saturday, August 10 | 12:30-2:30
Sunday, August 11 | 12:30-2:30

$65* [includes 3 hours of classes & ebook]

 $55 if you've taken this workshop before  ($125 for both The Ins  & Outs of Tangos & Tangos: The Next Step

5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland

How do I sign up?
Register here.

TRULY understand the structure of tangos por fiesta

Leave this workshop with a full tangos choreography that you can dance by yourself, in compás, and with the cante and with the ability to accompany others with palmas.

What will I learn?

  • The basic structure (You can use it for rest of your life, really!)

  • A choreography following the basic structure

  • The components of the baile

  • Las palmas to accompany the baile (hand-clapping)

  • Basic jaleos (calls of encouragement) where to put them, what to say

  • The main concept to understand in order to dance well w/the cante

  • Where to come in with the cante

  • How to dance a tangos by yourself, in compás and with the cante

What else do I get?
An ebook addressing the concepts covered in the classes to support your learning and further your understanding.  To clarify common questions and act as your reference both during and once the workshop is over.   In other words, it's a big, helpful reference to use for the rest of your tangos life.  (The thing for you if you like clear explanations.)

"I'm thrilled to have found Laura to study with. In the super intimidating world of flamenco, Laura's down-to-earth teaching style is refreshing and puts me at ease. I've had serious anxiety showing up to flamenco classes around the country, enough to make a girl want to run and give up completely. Laura is warm, nonjudgmental and humble, making her corrections easy on a dancer. And she has beautiful flamenco lines to watch and absorb, so important.  

Laura has a super rare and highly marketable niche in the flamenco world. She's breaking down the structure and language of flamenco for those of us who weren't raised in the culture. It could take me years to crack this code on my own. It's exactly what I need, and exactly what I've been looking for. She's bringing the culture to us, serving it up in bite sized portions, even spoon feeding it when necessary. So grateful!" - Heather Cogburn

"Laura's lessons were easy to follow and exactly as challenging as expected for the level advertised. She cultivates an encouraging and fun culture within her student group and I really enjoyed the experience." - Matt Steven

What if I want further practice of what I learn in class? 
Wonderful! Why not take Tangos: The Next Step as well?

What if I've never done any flamenco before? 
No problem! This is a beginning level class. If you feel uncertain, please contact us.  

*Purchase of this workshop in non-refundable and non-transferable. *Workshop may not be taken as drop-in or with class card without instructor permission.