Flamenco Para La Familia - TBA

A class for kids (and their parents) 

What is it? A mini-flamenco workshop for kids and their parent(s) if desired this August. Students will have fun learning basic rhythms, palmas (hand-clapping), counting, even some singing and Spanish, and, of course, the dance steps! While actively moving and developing coordination skills and playing around with rhythms, students will learn about the structure of the dance and how it relates to the singing.  They will learn to support each other as dancers using palmas and jaleos. And, I usually manage to sneak in a bit of reading and writing to help them get there.

Why la familia? I know that parents often have a hard time finding the time to do something for themselves. This format makes it easy. So often during dance classes parents either wait or watch and the kids tell them all about it afterward. Why not share the experience? This is a chance for you to learn and laugh along with your child, to be there to support them in the most participatory way. Even if flamenco doesn't feel like you're thing, you might like to try it out for the incredible brain challenge, as a way to sneak in some exercise, and to share a new experience with your child.

When & Price:


How do I register? Contact us to register.

All ages welcome

  • kids ages 6 & under parent participation required
  • kids ages 7 & above may take without parent

Teaching children is something I love to do. I have a Masters of Art in Education and used to be a full-time elementary school teacher. I teach flamenco residencies at general education schools in the Portland area, workshops for local dance schools/programs, and sometimes even in after-school arts programs. I look forward to working with your child (and perhaps you as well)!

Where? Stomptown Collective located in the AudioCinema Building @ 226 SE Madison Street, Portland, OR 97214

For who? Appropriate for children of all ages (and their parents too)

What experience is necessary? No experience is necessary, but if your child has done some flamenco, that's great too!