Finally a flamenco class that doesn't break your brain!  Don't worry, we still get to do the moves, we just don't worry really about how they turn out.  Our main concerns here are having fun and exercising. Repeated routines, upper-body conditioning, non-stop movement, and no thinking necessary!  Here you get a good aerobic workout and strength training incorporating flamenco movements in quick succession.  This is a follow-along class, no need to worry about technique or choreography, only having a good time listening to great music and burning calories, ahhhhhh!  (That being said, you do develop technique without really realizing it, learn simple choreographies, again, without really realizing it or meaning to…)  We also dance to a variety of palos (styles), expanding your flamenco knowledge and understanding of the different compáses just by being present.

No flamenco shoes in this class.  Bring your sneakers!

When TBA