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Mercedes Ruíz serving sherry to Us!


Mercedes Ruíz serving sherry to Us!

When I first got the idea for the Flamenco Tour to Jerez I envisioned a private workshop with Mercedes Ruíz.

That's it.

Nothing more.

A class just for me

Well, and the other people I would bring with me.

I was in Jerez studying, taking classes from Mercedes and others.

I felt pushed and pulled in all different directions.  Confused and overwhelmed with all of the different choreographies, the choreographies that I had walked in on the middle of.

I didn't like it.

I was supposed to be having fun, but it was feeling stressful instead.

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I Almost Didn't Go


I Almost Didn't Go

I left almost immediately after the show ended last night.

And people said,  ¿Te vas Laura, Ya? 

"You're leaving, now?"

Sí, me voy.

Even though the show just ended. I wasn't even waiting to see if something exciting happened next.  I wasn't even staying to socialize some more. I was going home as early as 12:30 am...


It was a peña show last night. At Peña La Bulería.

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