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How Bulerías Helps Me Learn How to Learn

So, I've been talking a lot about bulerías over the past several days.  I guess because there is a lot to say, and today shall be no different. For me, doing bulerías is kind of like taking a happy pill.  Simply put, it makes me feel good.  Even when I do it for just five seconds, a quick remate out of the blue, a moment of palmas, stuff like that.

Playfulness.  Perhaps this has something to do with my obsession.  Bulerías is about having a good time.  Who doesn't want this?  And let’s face it, it’s much more fun to watch someone dancing who is having a good time with it.  The energy is contagious, if we’re open to it.  I wonder, if we aren’t enjoying ourselves, are we even really doing bulerías?

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