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Why I Started Dancing Flamenco ~ How Did You Get Into It?


Why I Started Dancing Flamenco ~ How Did You Get Into It?

It's September, so let's do a little first day of school, getting-to-know-eachother activity. I'm actually not kidding about that. People have been inquiring about my 'flamenco journey' so below I tell you how it began for me. (Later, why not tell me how you became interested in flamenco?)

My Introduction to Flamenco

I was a junior in college. I was struggling through Spanish class.

The professor spoke only in español which basically left me feeling like a Charlie Brown character being mwoah mwoah mwoahed at for hours upon end.

Every day we would watch this educational novela, answer questions related to the day's episode, and then "discuss" it. I rarely knew what was going on.

As you may have gathered, I did not particularly enjoy the class. While I constantly felt confused, behind, and overwhelmed, I am full of gratitude for the experience,


You see, had it not been for this class, I'm not sure I would be dancing flamenco today.

Here's what happened

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