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And it's Fear, Yet Again

I guess you could say I was kind of consumed with fear during my time in Jerez.  I did things anyway, but I also didn't do things. Below is an excerpt (with some side notes) written during my first week alone there.  For those who are new to this blog, I had been in Jerez a couple of weeks before for the Festival.  After a brief trip to Portugal, I headed back.  I arrived on Friday the 25th and began my search for classes.

Prior to leaving for Spain I knew who I wanted to take from and had names of studios and phone numbers; I even had an idea of when some of the classes were offered.  Sí! I had done my research, I promise, as best as I could from Portland, Oregon...I had to for the RACC grant.  And during the festival I got an idea of where the studios were located.  But I had yet to figure out the class times.  Could I have done more to determine this earlier in the month?  Perhaps.  But figuring out where and when things happen in that town is not as easy as one might think…

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