Triana, Triana
Que bonita está Triana
Cuando le ponen al puente
La banderita gitana

Triana, Triana
How beautiful Triana

When they hang the Romani* flag
On the bridge

You can hear Miguel Poveda sing it here at 5 minutes.

We've talked about how it is common to have different variations to the words of traditional flamenco letras.

In this rendition Carmen Linares sings the last line,

La bandera republicana

The republican flag

as la Niña de los Peines did.

Here is another version of this style, same melody and structure, different words.

And at the end of the video here, you can hear Miguel Poveda sing it (at 5 minutes, 11 seconds).

*EDIT: Originally I translated this as 'gypsy flag,' but I changed it to 'Romani flag.'


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