Rooftops in Spain.

I dreamed of them before I went for the first time in 1998

I fantasized of dancing on them.  The way they danced on the roof in the movie Simply Ballroom.   Only in my fantasy I was dancing flamenco, and I was doing it by myself...  

I tried this the first time I went to Spain.

I'll tell you about it in the next post, but today I want to show you a video of Becky and Aida from the rooftop of our apartment in the Barrio San Miguel, an important flamenco neighborhood historically and today.

It was the second time Becky had joined me in Spain, the first time Aida had come with me.

Both ladies are from Washingtons.  Becky from the town of Richland in the state of Washington and Aida from Washington D.C.

They describe their time in Jerez together.

They talk about being in bulerías class.  In the words of Becky,

"You soon realize that you have the support of everybody in the room.  Not only your fellow travelers, but everybody else who’s there.  Everything is there.  The music.  The singing.  The jaleos.  The palmas.  You can really have some amazing breakthroughs."

And they talk about the togetherness of the group,

"We were on the same page, everybody," Aida says.

They talk about other things too.  Hear what they have to say in the video below.

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