A Visit to the Bathhouse

A massage, scrub, soak, and steam at the Rituals d'Orient Spa Hammam is included in the price of the FlamencoTour to Barcelona

A Hammam?

An Arabic or Turkish bath.  A (very relaxing) bathhouse. (Also known as 'the silent doctor' for its therapeutic purification benefits.)

The Hammam Rituals d'Orient is a spa in Barcelona inspired by Moroccan and Turkish baths offering sitting areas of progressive temperatures and humidities and soaking pools, massages, a variety of other treatments, and, of course, relaxation, rejuvenation, and purification.

What do you do there?

You prepare in the changing room then follow the spa circuit, sitting and relaxing in the different steam rooms, soaking in the baths, receiving an eastern scrub and a massage.

Relaxation, rejuvenation, purification.

You can read more about how the circuit works here.

You can read more about the benefits here.

And let me just say that after dancing flamenco and being away from home, well, this feels oh-so-good.

What do you wear?

Swimsuits are required at the Hammam in Barcelona.  Before entering the baths you take a shower and suit up.

Is there talking inside the bath house?

It is a quiet area. Speaking in a low voice is fine when needed. I enjoy soaking in the calmness, listening to the sounds of trickling water, and watching the water reflect on the walls and ceiling and escaping for a bit.

And the massage?

Included in our visit to the Hammam is a 30-minute massage. Ahhhhh.

Need I say more?

What about the soak?

Also included is an eastern scrub.

Where is this Hammam visit included in our Flamenco Tour?

On the very first Flamenco Tour to Jerez the participants took themselves to the Hammam there. Some visited more than once.  They RAVED about the experience.  At the end of the trip they gave me (and Mercedes) a gift certificate for a soak and a massage. This is when I discovered for myself how wonderful a visit to a Hammam is, especially when you've been traveling and dancing flamenco every day, so I decided a soak and massage needed to be included in the Flamenco Tour.