Flamenco is not simply another form of dance; it offers numerous benefits to your health and well being. Not only can you expect to have a good time learning a new way of moving in a supportive and encouraging environment, but you will experience the emotional benefits of physically using your body and the cognitive benefits of exercising your brain: Flamenco can help build your confidence while increasing your overall muscle strength. Through integrated movements, you will strengthen your core, improve your posture, and improve your mind body coordination. Studying flamenco, you can improve your rhythm and expand your knowledge of a different culture while learning to express yourself individually. Flamenco is an excellent challenge for your brain as well, and studying it can help build new neurological connections. In addition, we incorporate some Spanish language into our classes to help maintain the connection to flamenco’s origins and to help prepare students for workshops with visiting artists from Spain. Perhaps one of my favorite benefits is being part of a positive learning community; we have fun doing this! (And a bonus the increased confidence and the act of having a good time and physical exercise all aid in brain development as well.

Many of our students began studying flamenco as adults and quickly became hooked on this art form which they might not have known a lot about before. Flamenco is wonderful for individuals who never considered themselves dancers and for dancers alike.

Take your mind off of your daily activities with one of our events. We invite you to come experience flamenco with us!