Workshop 3 of the Understanding Tangos Series:

Jaleos Para Tangos (Eastisde Location)  Summer Workshop: August 26 & 27

LOCATION: 226 SE Madison St. Portland

Jaleos. Calls of encouragement. They're fun to do. They're fun to hear. They're fun to experience. And flamenco is not flamenco without them. Yet we are often shy to give jaleos. Either because we don't know what to say or do, because we are embarrassed, or because we really don't even know what they are. This multi-level 1-day workshop will address all of the above. 

When & Cost*

Saturday, August 26 [1:00p - 2:30p]
Saturday, August 27 [11:00a - 12:30p]

$40 [includes classes & ebook]

226 SE Madison Street, Portland, OR 97214

How do I sign up?
Contact us to register.

What will happen in the workshop?  We'll look at tangos por fiesta and learn how to support the dancer with fabulously inspiring jaleos.  We'll learn to cater our jaleos to the dance in an energetic and synchronistic manner. ¡Olé!

Expand please We will study specifically how to give a dancer – even if this dancer is you – great jaleos. Great enough to perform a full tangos without any singing. You'll learn how to accompany an entire tangos with jaleos. You’ll come away with specific jaleos to go with specific tangos parts.  Just as you learn a set choreography, you will learn a set jaleo piece. If we have time we'll practice mixing and matching it. Because there is actually much freedom once you get the basics down.

But why can’t I just dance to palmas or guitar if there is no singing? Because then it really wouldn’t be flamenco.

What else do I get? Jaleos eguide. (all of the jaleos written out in order with explanations and info on jaleos)

What if I am not a dancer? This workshop is for you too. Because through the study of the dance moves, you will gain an understanding of what the dancer is doing which will allow you to respond with jaleos, palmas, even your guitar if that is what you do. This is an interactive art form, and it is important to understand the different roles in order to do yours better.

Who is it for?  All flamencos of all levels welcome (dancers, singers, guitarists, percussionists, aficionados) In other words, YOU!

This is a will serve as the icing on the cake to the students who've taken any other classes in the Understanding Tangos series.