An MGA (Mystery Guest Artist) from Spain is coming to Portland December 1, 2, 3!

Flamenco Dance Technique and Choreography with Mantón

The Mystery Guest Artist began dancing at the age of nine, studying flamenco, ballet, and classical Spanish dance. They would go to school all day then head straight to dance class until 9:30pm, do their homework then do it all again the next day... until moving to Madrid at the age of 16 to begin a professional dancing career. And it's been non-stop since then. The MGA has performed in festivals, won numerous prizes, and performed with many well-known flamencos. Most importantly, they LOVE to teach and hold nothing back when doing so. Join us for a weekend of flamenco in December!

Location - Lakewood Center for the Arts 368 S State St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034


Friday, December 1
6:30-7:45 Technique & Tangos (beginning) 
7:50-9:05 Canastera con Mantón (intermediate)

Saturday, December 2
12-1:30 Technique & Tangos (beginning) 
1:35-3:05 Canastera con Mantón (intermediate)

Sunday, December 3
12-1:30 Technique & Tangos (beginning) 
1:35-3:05 Canastera con Mantón (intermediate)

Technique & Tangos (beginning) - $125
Canastera con Mantón (intermediate) - $125
Both workshops - $225
Drop-in $35/hr

Cash payments please


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What makes these workshops so special?

These are small classes, not your 30-40 person workshops where you have trouble connecting with the teacher, let alone the other students in the class. It's Spain in Portland.  Comfortable and familiar.  This mystery artist knows us and loves being here.  Teaching us is one of his favorite things to do.  Hope to see you at the workshops!

More about the Offerings

Canastera con Mantón You do NOT need a mantón to participate nor do you need any previous experience with the mantón. You can use a large piece of fabric if you do not have a mantón. The MGA is a master at mantón. He'll share technique tips and beautiful moves working in the canastera palo, a style not often seen. 

Technique & Tangos During the technique portion our guest artist will expose the intricacies of flamenco movements. He will focus on form and execution in both body and footwork.  The techniques covered here will strengthen any dance but will be particularly helpful in solidifying the choreography and helping to make your dance look authentic.  This mystery artist is a master at making moves look sharp and at putting energy and intention into each step. During the choreography portion he will share some super cool moves por tangos.


No refunds will be issued to students who cancel or fail to attend class.  Students who cancel within 14 days of a workshop start date will be given a credit.  Portland Flamenco Events reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any workshop due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.  We will do our best to notify registrants in a timely manner should this occur, and full refunds will be issued.  View our cancellation policy here.