Understanding Tangos Workshops:

Workshop 1: The Ins & Outs of Tangos - August 10 & 11

Workshop 2: Tangos: The Next Step - August 10 & 11

Workshop 3: Jaleos para Tangos - TBA

Por Fiesta Flamenco Nights - Ongoing, join us now for Beginning & Multi-level + Practice Session

You may have taken the Understanding Bulerías workshops, or at least heard of them.

Now, by popular demand, a similar series por tangos. The good news is, for most of us, it's much easier to understand tangos than bulerías.

Why A Series of Workshops?

To broaden your knowledge and to make you feel truly comfortable in this flamenco style.  Each workshop at the very least will provide you with a deeper understanding of tangos and with set dances that can be deconstructed and reconstructed, giving you all of the pieces you need to adapt to any given scenario.

What do I get besides the classes?

The workshops include both class time and study-at-home materials (either an ebook,  practice sheets, or cheat sheets)

Workshop 1: The Ins & Outs of Tangos - To TRULY understand the structure of tangos. Leave this workshop with a full tangos choreography that you can dance by yourself, in compás, and with the cante and with the ability to accompany others with palmas. and how to respond to the cante.

Workshop 2: Tangos: The Next Step - So now you have the basics, let's now learn to “improvise” and adapt your baile to different types of tangos cante. You'll learn a full "set" dance including additional remotes and how to deconstruct and reconstruct your dance and move around, shorten, lengthen, and substitute moves. You'll leave with all of the pieces you need to adapt to any given scenario..

Workshop 3: Jaleos para Tangos - Flamenco is not flamenco without jaleos.  Yet we are often shy to give them.  Either because we don't know what to say or do, because we are embarrassed, or because we really don't even know what they are.  Let's fix that.

"Before I took the class of jaleos, I was shy to say it loud in front of the people.  Also I did not know the right timing to say it.  But after all the classes with Laura, I was comfortable to "yell" the jaleos while somebody is dancing.  It was such a great moment to support the dancer by the jaleos and the palmas."  - Kikuyo Jurgens

Do I need to take ALL of the Workshops? Each workshop is designed to build upon the previous however it is not necessary to take them all.  Though for the most comprehensive understanding, taking all workshops is recommended.  [The first one The Ins & Outs of Tangos, is especially important, acting as a foundation for the rest.  Don't worry, if you miss it, I'll be offering it again.]  Each workshop will strengthen your understanding of tangos, support you in the subsequent workshops, and support your other flamenco endeavors.

Why a Workshop Format? The intensity of a workshop allows us to fit what might normally be spread out over several months into a few sessions. The opportunity to focus on one thing in a concentrated format with a set group of people attending each time facilitates progression and generates an excitement very conducive to learning.

And, why, again do I need to learn tangos? You don't need to, but your flamenco life will be a lot more fun if you do.

Discounts? By attending the first workshop, The Ins & Outs of Tangos, you will receive a discount if you wish to repeat the workshop in the future.

What if I've never done any flamenco before? Start with The Ins & Outs of Tangos. If you feel uncertain, feel free to contact us.