All skill levels. Get ready to exercise your body and your brain. This class will introduce you to or remind you of flamenco technique then give you a chance to get into the dance as we move, move, and move some more.  Though we follow a structure, each week is different from the previous. If you've had NO flamenco, this is a great class for you as we'll go over the basics, and if you've BEEN DOING it for years, this class is for you as well as you will have a chance to reexamine your technique.  We'll start slowly with the technical focus then you'll be given a chance to let loose a bit following along (i.e. dance even if you don't really think you can or realize that you are) thinking about and applying as little or as much the technique as you wish.

I can’t decide if Saturday’s Castanets class or Sunday’s Flamenco Para Todos is my FAVORITE Class..hmmm, it is a tie!  Flamenco Para Todos is just letting go and making the steps into our own and dancing. This class reminds me of a Flamenco Party without the food and drinks (maybe something to think about). I love how we are encouraged to ‘grab’ our skirts and flick them if you want, just have fun. I love learning the ‘fancy’ Flamenco movements we may not practice in our regular Baile classes. Today’s ‘barrel roll’ was pretty sexy and I have always wanted to do it. Thanks for breaking it down! I love dressing up for this class (who wouldn’t want to wear a skirt that you can toss and flirt with?).  Laura, you are the best and I have learned so much from you!!!  - Catherine, Beaverton, Oregon

This class is definitely its own thing offering a little bit of everything flamenco-wise, yet I would definitely not call it a sampling as we do get into the nitty gritty.  You'll leave having learned a new combination and most likely feeling really good. (In the past this tended to be a mysteriously productive class full of lots of laughter.)

The class will go something like this...

We'll begin with a semi-crazy warm-up where we move through the most important flamenco body positions and prepare our minds for class.  (This is followed by a short closing our eyes, coming into our bodies time...)

Then, taking into careful consideration our body and hand positioning, we'll learn a little combination which we'll use to study body technique and understand compás. We will learn this combination well.

Next we'll listen to great music, follow-along, and move without interruption practicing our combination from the beginning of class here.

After that we'll do some palmas.

Then we may do some footwork or turns.

We may even learn and sing a short flamenco letra to accompany our combination then dance while we sing. (This part was always a big hit when I did it in the past.)

And finally, we'll cool down with a mellow but focused follow-along.

When & Cost

APRIL | Saturdays April 2, 9. 16, 23 & 30 |  3:00 - 4:30pm

Best Deal: $90 for all 5 Saturdays in April *no make-ups/non-transferable

Or: $23 DROP IN or class card 

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