It's kind of like rubbing your belly while tapping the top of your head but better...and harder.  This class allows you to be completely present without even really trying to be.  There's just no other way with castanets.

We begin with exercises to strengthen & train the fingers, learning correct technique to play castañuelas while moving the arms through basic positions. We then put the sounds and upper body movements together with steps to form a choreography.

It's castanets 

Combinations with castañuelas We'll learn some body and feet combinations to coordinate with castanet sounds.

This will be fun We'll warm up our bodies with sevillanas con castañuelas to keep those fresh on our minds.  If you do not know sevillanas with castanets, no big deal!

Play time. We'll dance sevillanas with castanets¡Vamos!

Join me to work the brain and body in a way that feels beautifully chaotic.

CLICK HERE For a glossary of castanets sounds that we use in class.

When & Cost

APRIL | Saturdays April 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 | 2:00 - 3:00 pm

DROP-IN - $15 or class card

How do I sign up? Contact us to register.

"I was just having the greatest time yesterday in class...especially castanets.  How can it feel so good to be so terrible and struggling?!  Sometimes flamenco just feels so right."  - Erica McCurnin