Dancing Bulerías If you've taken the Understanding Bulerías Series or any bulerías at all, you know this dance is about doing it and doing it. You'll learn new moves and how they fit into the structure of bulerías, and I'll guide you in learning to dance bulerías on your own. (Yoll be given opportunities to practice on your own.) Additionally, we'll work on technique in every class in order to execute the moves with style and ease.

This is a multi-level class. Wherever you are, we'll meet you there. Some people will be focusing on learning the structure of bulerias and where to come in with the cante, others on responding to the cante within the letra, some on dancing our choreography as-is and memorizing it, others mixing and matching the components to "improvise."  We'll ALL work a lot this on our palmas and jaleos because this is everybody's job in bulerías.  

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