Bulerías & Technique

It's time to get bulerías down. 

When & Cost

JUNE | Saturday June 4 | 3:00 - 4:30pm

$23 drop-in or class card

How do I sign up? Contact us to register.

Regular classes continue through June 9. Weekend Workshops coming in July & August. Click here to stay informed! Contact us if you would like privates over the summer. 

Dancing Bulerías. 

If you've taken the Understanding Bulerías Series or any bulerías at all, you know this dance is about doing it and doing it. You'll learn new moves and how they fit into the structure of bulerías, and I'll guide you in learning to dance bulerías on your own. (Yoll be given opportunities to practice on your own.) Additionally, we'll work on technique in every class in order to execute the moves with style and ease.

This is a multi-level class. Wherever you are, we'll meet you there. Some people will be focusing on learning the structure of bulerias and where to come in with the cante, others on responding to the cante within the letra, some on dancing our choreography as-is and memorizing it, others mixing and matching the components to "improvise."  We'll ALL work a lot this on our palmas and jaleos because this is everybody's job in bulerías.  And it is so much fun to do.  

"Wow, I am so impressed with how far we have alll come in the bulerías series! Seriously, everyone seemed so much more comfortable on Saturday and I love all of the support and smiles. ¡Gracias! That is all because of you and your effective, encouraging and challenging teaching!!" - Erica

The study of bulerías is an ongoing process.  Here we work at becoming VERY comfortable responding to the cante and the compás and as a time to allow both the dance moves and the jaleos to happen more naturally.

“I love how you’re always thinking of different ways to cram it in our brains.” – Amy

Are there any prerequisites? Yes, you must have studied bulerías previously (for example: any of the Understanding Bulerías classes or bulerías classes elsewhere).

“Laura is a great dancer, and you can learn a lot just by watching her. But she is truly a teacher as well, and she has been willing to share her experiences of learning this complicated art form. As she absorbs and distills the vast ocean of flamenco stuff that we Americanos aren’t born into and don’t grow up with, she is dedicated to passing what she has learned on to us. Ok, that sounds like an obvious thing that a teacher would do, but actually, it might be a rare combo. There are inspiring teachers who can show you great moves, but they’ve grown up doing those moves, so it’s just hard for them to explain how they do it. Laura has gotten there the hard way, which is how most of us are going to have to get there, and she is determined to give us the benefit of all her hard-earned knowledge as a gift. This is what great teachers do: they open the door for us, and tip us off to shortcuts when they find them, and encourage us by their presence ahead of us on the road. Laura is a very generous teacher.” – Mia